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How To Use Essential Oils To Clean Your Home, Calm Pets, and Relax

How To Use Essential Oils To Clean Your Home, Calm Pets, and Relax

You will love these easy Essential Oil Hacks! Essential oils are so popular right now, pretty much everyone knows about them or is using them.

They are a great way to freshen up your home, give you an energy boost, keep germs at bay, and more. Essential oils are a natural oil that is obtained by distillation and offer fragrances from the source in which they are extracted.

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Essential oils offer wonderful fragrances for your home, but also health benefits. Try some of these genius essential oil hacks for your home today. You can help remove odors from your bathroom, freshen up your car, clean your deodorize your carpets and more.

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How To Use Essential Oils To Clean Your Home, Calm Pets, and Relax

Dryer Hack 

Get yourself some wool dryer balls and add a few of your favorite essential oils onto the dryer balls. Then use that when you dry, to act like a dryer sheet! It will also cut your drying time by 50%!


Take a clothespin and apply a few drops of essential oils. Then clip it on an air vent, and when you have the air on it is like diffusing as you travel! Feeling tired try an orange or lemon to uplift you, purify the air, and more. It is a neat trick and leaves your car smelling fresh.

Freshen Sink and Sponges 

Add a few drops of lemon or orange into your sink, garbage disposal or sponges to help kill germs, freshen them up and fill your home with a fresh crisp citrus smell. I love doing this with my garbage disposal to keep it clean and from getting smelly after a while. Add a few drops to your sponge after you use it, to help eliminate bacteria and keep it smelling fresh.


Whether you buy Play-dough or you make homemade, add a few drops of essential oils to it, and let your kids play away. They gain benefits from the oils and don't even know it.

Carpet Freshener

Take 1 cup of baking soda, and add 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil or oil blend. Stir it up really well and sprinkle onto the carpets. Wait 15-20 minutes and vacuum it up for a fresh clean carpet. You can do this whenever you vacuum! It helps draw out odors and leaves your home smelling amazing. I love to do peppermint in cooler months and lemon or lavender in the warmer months.

Wearing Oils 

Now you can buy jewelry that is great for adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils to and diffusing oils throughout your day. Natural wooden beads or leather are great for soaking up your oils and holding in the scents. You can also find jewelry that is meant for essential oils like necklaces and bracelets.

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Empty Bottle 

Your bottle is empty but consider putting a few toothpicks in the bottle to draw up any oils that are still inside. It will make the toothpicks fragrant and great for cleaning your teeth! Or toss in some Epsom salt, let it soak for a few hours and dump in a warm bath. You will be amazed at how it draws out any oils left in the bottle.


Want thicker longer lashes, add a drop of lavender into your mascara, and let it do its wonders. When you apply to your lashes it will help give them length and thickness, it is a wonderful trick!

Bathroom Trick

The cardboard part of the toilet paper roll is a great spot to add a few drops of essential oil. When someone goes to roll out some toilet paper, it will fill the bathroom with some fragrant smells. It is a neat trick.

Homework Hack

Diffuse 3-4 drops of peppermint when your child is doing homework, it will help them focus!

Pets! Essential Oils Calming Spray:

So, this isn't exactly a "home" hack per se - but more for your pets! You can make this Sweet Dreams Relaxing Pet Spray with Essential Oils to help ease anxiety your pets may experience.


1 cup distilled water (filtered water works, too)
Lavender Essential Oil
2 teaspoons rubbing alcohol (if doubling as a pet-odor eliminator)
Spray Bottle


Pour distilled water into an empty (and clean) spray bottle
Add 10 drops of essential oil of choice and the rubbing alcohol (if desired)

Shake well and spray directly on the pet bed (or other fabric-covered surface)

What are your favorite ways to essential oils? Let us know if you have any special hacks below in the comments!

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